Realtor and Rental Gift Boxes

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Closing and Client Gifts for Realtors

Realtors spend considerable time with their clients, and you want something thoughtful for them at closing or for referral gifts. But you don’t always have the time to put together a gift they’ll remember as you rush from closings to other appointments.

Our gift boxes save you time, headache, and will leave a lasting impression on your realty clients.

We offer pre-made closing gifts for realtors, with delivery to your office or pickup as convenient.

Our closing gift boxes include a thank you card for the realtor to fill, and we have several ready-made options to choose from. Realtors can purchase multiple boxes to have on hand in their office!

We also offer full custom gift boxes, including branded stamped boxes, branded ribbons, customized postcards, colored tissue paper, and more.

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Welcome boxes for airbnb & short term rentals

For those running AirBnB or short-term rentals, there’s no better way to leave a lasting impression than a local, hand-picked welcome gift. 

We make airbnb and short term rental welcome boxes full of local products and great suggestions for their stay! Guests will find a local guide postcard with information on the best restaurants, attractions, and activities in the area. They’ll also find an individual coffee, a sweet treat, and a variety of other local snacks to enjoy after their travel day.

This welcome box is a great way to make a positive first impression, help you stand out, and increase the likelihood of great referrals and repeat visitors.

Boxes come in small and large sizes, and we can provide bulk orders so your cleaners can set out a new box for your next guest every time!

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Gifts-to-Go Shelves for your office

For brokerage and realtors offices, we supply a dedicated shelf and gift boxes for your team to grab a last minute gift as-needed for:

  • referral thank yous
  • closing gifts
  • or any occasion they wish!

Our shelves include instructions and variety of gift options so your realtors can Venmo or Paypal payment when taking the gift! 

This shelf can be used for personal or business gifts and is convenient when there isn’t time to order a gift from our website. Each box includes an attached bow and a thank you business card holder. 

Unparalleled Convenience

Provides realtors with a convenient and accessible way to keep gifts on hand for their clients, eliminating the need for last-minute shopping trips or rushed online orders.

Saves Time

The shelf offers a time-saving solution for realtors who can quickly grab a gift without having to spend time searching for the perfect item.

Reduces Stress

Eliminate the need to worry about finding the perfect gift for your team’s clients at the last minute.

Improves Client Satisfaction and “Stickiness”

The gifts-to-go shelf can help realtors increase client satisfaction by providing thoughtful and well-chosen gifts that demonstrate the realtor’s appreciation and attention to detail.